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The planetary influxes during the next months of will emphasize continuity in For the single Pisces natives, the chances of finding a partner will increase.

This is one of the most authentic KP Prashna Astrology learning resource that is designed, developed and delivered in the highest standards of "Guru-Shishya Parampara" of India with the most accurate horary predictive techniques handed down by late K. Krishnamurti and fine tuned through professional practice by his most able direct students.

Become a master in making accurate predictions in KP system astrology using the time tested invention of K.

KP Astrology - Krishnamurti Paddhati - KP System

Dealing with Ruling Planets that are retrograde. Accurate timing of events with the help of Ruling Planets. Knowing correctness of Birth time using Ruling Planets. Solving any type of queries using Ruling Planets. Using Ruling Planets to know the correct house cusp sublord. And many more unknown and secret techniques.

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HD quality 2 Vol. DVD sets of over 3. Practical, clear and concise video tutoring with all real-life examples. This is the most sought after video course in KP Astrology for mastering the technique to rectify birth time discrepancies. Unique Features of the Video Course:. Master the technique to arrive at correct birth time when:.

KP Astrology Journal Magazine JASA

Year of Birth is not known. Year and month of Birth is not known. Large or small birth time ranges are mentioned by your clients.

KP Astrology Class 1 - Complete

Confusion with 2 or more Lagna Ascendant presented to you. Master the technique how to know exactly whether the given Birth Time is fully correct or not.

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Master Dr. Learn how to find out important life events after Birth Time rectification. Signifactors of various aspects of life too covered at great length.

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